About Japanese Word of the Day

JapaneseWordofTheDay.com was originally launched in 2005 as a fun free way to help English speaking people around the world learn Japanese. The site has gone through a few versions and even changed management in the years since it started, but the goal remains the same - to help you learn Japanese!

Why would you want to learn Japanese? There are plenty of reasons - to make friends, for business, because you're planning a trip, or just to stimulate your brain. Japan itself is a wonderful country and the Japanese people are unbelievably kind and friendly, even if you don't speak the language. Hopefully, this site is doing its little part to help encourage understanding and friendship between English speaking people and Japanese speaking people.

As far as actually learning Japanese, there are plenty of websites on the internet to help with Japanese grammar and speaking (eventually we might list a few of our favorites), but a Word of The Day is a tried and true method for increasing your vocabulary. Our goal is simple - publish one new Japanese word every day of the year (including weekends and holidays).

We publish each word in English, Romaji, Kana (Hiragana or Katakana) and Japanese Kanji script. Every word on this site is checked by a human being before publishing, but if you have any problems with any of the words, find any errors, or disagree with our translations, please feel free to drop us a line and let us know. We are always open to suggestions and comments from JWOTD's users.

Also, if you have a website or a blog, we recently added a Widget feature that allows you to include the Japanese Word of The Day in your own website. You just need to paste a couple lines of Javascript into your page and it will appear in that space, updated daily. Right now, there is only one version of the Word of The Day widget for you to embed in your site, but we are planning to add more customizable versions in the near future. If you have any suggestions or requests as far as our Word of The Day Widget, just drop us an email.

Thank you very much for visiting the site and we hope you'll check back every day.

Arigatou. Ja mata!